What Is PRP Therapy

PRP is a new medical procedure that harnesses your body's natural healing abilities. The procedure involves extracting your own blood and then putting it in a centrifuge to separate your blood from your own plasma and platelets. The plasma and platelets are then reinjected into the treatment area. The high concentration of platelets that are reinjected into your body contains growth factors that can trigger cell-reproduction and stimulate tissue healing in the treated area.

What To Expect 

When you come in for a PRP treatment, the entire process, from drawing blood to processing it to reinjecting it, usually takes less than an hour. Since it's your blood that is being used for the procedure, there is no risk of rejection or having any sort of reaction. This procedure has been proven to be safe and effective and requires no downtime. The treatment effects of PRP are usually most noticeable after several weeks, and multiple treatments may be required to complete your healing. PRP can also be combined with other forms of treatments to help accelerate your healing journey. To learn more or to request a consultation, fill out the form below.

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