Veterans can receive
100% VA benefits

Dr. David Bradley, D.C.  is a preferred provider in the Veterans’ Administration health program and is able to provide Chiropractic and supportive care through the VA System. Coverage is at 100% for honorably discharged veterans.  
To initiate care, call your VA physician and ask for a referral to Dr. David Bradley, D.C. in Hurst, Texas. Your VA doctor may want to have a virtual office visit or may want see you in their office before issuing the referral. Many VA doctors are so busy that they will send the referral directly upon your request. 
If you do not have a VA physician, you can contact the “Community Care Coordinator” who will set you up with a VA physician. Your new VA physician will need to see you in person or virtually before referring you to our office. The Community Care Coordinator number is 800-849-3597 ext. 72081. 
If you are having a difficulty in getting a referral or if your request is being delayed, please contact my office immediately so that may help you.  


Chiropractic care is covered by the V.A.


Ask your Community Care Coordinator for a referral to
Dr. David Bradley, D.C.


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