Don't Just Mask The Pain
Let Us Treat The Cause

Headaches and Migraines of all categories respond very well to classic chiropractic/osteopathic manipulative therapies. The International Symposium on Headaches reported that 85% of all headaches originate from the cervical spine (neck), which is why manipulative therapies can be so effective.

For more complex cases, we use physiotherapy modalities such as ultrasound, electronic muscle stimulation, heat, and ice. Spinal decompression of the neck may be used for arthritic necks to help release pressure and treat headaches. Chemical imbalances or toxins in the body may also be the root source of the headaches, and we use lab tests and Zyto tests to help assess what nutritional or herbal therapies may be needed. Home therapies and exercises will be taught and reinforced to ensure that your headaches don't return and resolve the underlying issue.

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