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Chronic Whiplash Pain Relief

Posted on December 12, 2015

cervicogenic-headache-freehold_Whiplash injuries can result in chronic pain lasting for years after the original injury. It has been reported in a peer reviewed article (Injury, 1996) that 93% of patients with chronic whiplash pain who have failed medical and physical therapy care improve with chiropractic treatments. A 93% improvement rate is an enviable statistical result. At Active Healthcare & Physical Medicine chiropractic treatments range from very light touch techniques to strong classic chiropractic manipulation. Each patient, each case is unique and is evaluated individually to assess what approach is best for that patient.

It should be noted that while Whiplash Injuries classically occur from automobile or motorcycle wrecks, the whiplash forces can occur in variety of non-automobile sources. Water and Snow Skiing falls and “take offs” can exert whiplash like forces to neck. BMX, skateboarding, rollerblading, 4-wheeling and bicycling expose the neck to quick, jerking forces. Just about any recreational activity can cause a whiplash like force.

We are not going to stop living in order to avoid a whiplash injury, but we do need to take care of them properly when they do occur. Taking care of small recent injury in better than waiting for it “to get bad enough”. The longer that a person waits for treatment, the more difficult the condition becomes to treat.

So, for you chronic whiplash people, come in and get your life back. For you recent, recreational mild whiplash injuries, let us help you take care of yourself before you become chronic. Contact me at Active Healthcare and Physical Medicine by December 31, 2015, mention this article and you will receive a full consultation, examination, orthopedic/neurologic evaluation, adrenal function test, heavy metal test and necessary digital x-rays for only $150 (Normal average cost of $450). Call today to make your appointment 817-282-7600.